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CD latest addictions

A Forest Of Stars - A Shadowplay For Yesterdays [Digipak] €13.00

A Winter Lost – Die Langste Nacht €10.00

Abbath - Abbath (Digipak) €11.50

Aevangelist - Dream An Evil Dream [Digipak]€11.50

Agalloch - The Serpent & The Sphere [Digipak] €12.50
Agalloch - Ashes Against The Grain €12.00
Agalloch - The Mantle €12.00

Alda - Passage [Digipak]€12.50

Alor ‎- Haerfest [Digisleeve Cd] €11.00

Amesoeurs - Ruines Humaines €7.50

Ársaidh - Roots (Digipak) €11.50

Autumn's Dawn – Gone €11.50

Aurvandil - Yearning €10.00

Au-Dessus - Au-Dessus [Digipak] €10.50

Azarath - Holy Possession €6.00

Behemoth - Thy Winter Kingdom + adv.From the Pagan Vastlands…” 2xCD

Blaze Of Sorrow - El Eremita del Fuoco [digiCD] €11.00
Blaze Of Sorrow - Fulgida Reminescenza [digiCD] €10.00

Bölzer (CH) - Aura [minicd] €7.00

Chthe'Ilist - Le Dernier Crepuscule €11.00

Coil Commemorate Enslave - Maxima Moralia Sovraumanità [Digipak] €9.00

Cold Body Radiation - A Clear Path [Digipak] €11.00

Cult Of Fire (CZ) - Ascetic Meditation of Death €11.00

Csejthe - Réminiscence €11.50

Darkthrone - A Blaze In The Northern Sky - DCD DIGIBOOK €14.00

Death Karma (Czech) -The History of Death & Burial Rituals part I [Digipack CD] €11.50

Dordeduh (Negura Bunget) - Dar De Duh €11.00

Drowning The Light - split´s & EP´s Collection €12.00

Drudkh - Eastern Frontier In Flames (digipack) €11.00

Enthroning Silence - Throned Upon Ashes of Dusk €11.00

Ered Wethrin ‎– Tides Of War €11.00

Ethereal Shroud ‎- They Became The Falling Ash €11.00

Falkenbach - Asa [Digipak] €13.00

Fluisteraars - Dromers [Digipak] €11.50
Fluisteraars - Luwte [Gatefold Cd] €11.50

Forgotten Tomb - III : Love's Burial Ground [Digipak] €11.50

Formloff – Spyhorelandet €10.00

Frangar - Trincerocrazia €11.50

Funereal Moon - Luciferian Symphonies of Destruction €10.50

Germ - Loss [DigiMCD] €8.00
Germ - Wish €11.50

Grand Belial´S Key - Goat Of A Thounsand Young – Demo 1992 ” + “Triumph Of The Hordes – Demo 1994” €12.00

Graveland - Epilogue [Cd] €11.00

Grift - Syner [Digipak] €11.50
Grift - Fyra Elegier [Minicd] €7.00

Grimoire - L'aorasie Des Spectres Rêveurs [Gatefold Minicd] €8.50

Grundom - De Tavse Kvad [Digipak] €11.00

Haar - 2012 EP €9.00

Helheim - Raunijar €12.00

Hypomanie - A City In Mono €10.50
Hypomanie - Calm Down, You Weren`t Set On ... €11.00

In The Woods - Heart of the Ages [3cd box] €25.00

Kröwnn – Magmafröst [DigiCD] €10.00

Lantlos - Lantlos (2CD) €12.00

Lustre - Night Spirit €12.00

Malign ‎- Divine Facing + Fireborn [Digipak Minicd] €10.00

Malmort (Fra) - Excerpta Funebris €10.50

Mayhem - The Dawn Of The Black Hearts €11.00
Mayhem - Live In Leipzig €11.00
Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas €11.50

Moonblood - Teutonic Warriors Of The Moon A5 Cd €13.00
Moonblood - Fullmoon Witchery [A5 Digipak] €13.00
Moonblood - Blut & Krieg €12.00

Mork Gryning - Tusen år Har Gått €11.00

Mortifier - Kampfen €10.50
[Cd] One of the oldest italian Black Metal band is back

Nachtlieder - The Female Of The Species €11.00

Nar Mattaru - Ancient Atomic Warfare €11.00

Nasheim ‎– Solens Vemod €11.50

Negura Bunget - Sala Molksa [Digipak] €13.00
Negura Bunget - Maiastru Sfetnic [Digipak] €12.00

Nightbringer / Acherontas split "The Ruins of Edom" €11.00

Nihil Nocturne ‎– Entheogen €11.00

Nocternity - Harps of the Ancient Temples €11.50

Nocturnal Depression – Near to the Stars €11.00
Nocturnal Depression - Nostalgia - Fragments Of A Broken Past €11.00
Nocturnal Depression - Reflections Of A Sad Soul €11.00
Nocturnal Depression - Suicidal Thoughts €11.00
Nocturnal Depression - Four Seasons To A Depression €11.00

Old Witch - Come Mourning Come [digi CD] €11.00

Onirik - Casket Dream Veneration €11.00

Panopticon - Autumnal Eternal [Gatefold Cd] €12.00

Primordial - A Journeys End €10.00

Revenge - Behold.Total.Rejection [Digipak+patch] €13.50

Rotting Christ - Rituals €11.50

Saligia - Fonix [Digipak] €12.00
Saligia - Sic Transit Gloria Mundi [Digipak] €12.00

Satanic Warmaster - The Night Of The Satanic Werewolf €12.00
Satanic Warmaster - Fimbulvinter €12.00

Secrets Of The Moon - SUN [Digibook] €15.00
Secrets Of The Moon - Stronghold Of The In... + €13.00

Siculicidium – Hosszú út az örökkévalóságba [digiCD] €10.00
Siculicidium – Lélekösvény [digiCD] €10.00

Silent Leges Inter Arma - Silent Leges Inter Arma [Digipak] €11.00

Sielunvihollinen - Hautaruhtinas €10.50

Spectral Lore - Gnosis €11.00

Spektr - The Art To Disappear [Digipak] €12.00

Sunn O))) - 00 Void €12.00

Suruni – Ikuus [digiCD ] €11.00

Svärta ‎split vs. Elände – Invokation [Digipak] €11.00

Svoid - To Never Return [digiCD] €10.00

Temple Of Baal - Mysterium [Digipak] €11.50

Temple of Gnosis - De Secretis Naturae Alchymica (available from February 26th) €11.00

Titaan - Kadingir [Digipak] official Release date January 29th €12.00

Ulver - ATGCLVLSSCAP €12.50

Urgehal - Aeons In Sodom [Digipak] €11.50

Vargnatt - Grausammler [Gatefold Cd] €12.50

Vivus Humare - Einkehr €11.50

Von Thronstahl ‎– Conscriptum [Digipak] €10.00

Volahn - Aq'ab'al [Digipack] €11.50

Vonulfsreich - Spell of Thunder [Digipak] €10.50

Winterblut ‎– Grund: Gelenkkunst [2cd] €10.00

Woman Is The Earth - This Place That Contains My Spirit [Gatefold Cd] €11.50

Woods of Desolation - Toward The Depths €11.00
Woods Of Desolation ‎– As The Stars €11.50
Woods Of Desolation - Torn Beyond Reason €11.50

Xasthur - Nightmares at Dawn €11.50

LP latests news:

Ars Veneficium/Azaghal - The Will, The Power, The Goat €10.50

Azarath - Demon Seed €13.00

Cult Of Fire - Ascetic Meditation of Death Gatefold LP + Booklet & Poster €14.00

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - Follow The. €14.00
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - Nocturnal March €14.00

Deadly Carnage - Chasm [Limited Edition 7''] €10.00

Behemoth - Adv. III Demo ...From The Pagan Vastlands €13.00

Graveland - Epilogue €13.00

Lönndom – Viddernas Tolv Kapitel €17.50

Lustre - Blossom LP €15.00

Mortifier - Kampfen LP 12" €12.00

Nasheim ‎– Solens Vemod [Gatefold LP] €14.00

Nocternity - Harps of the Ancient Temples Gatefold D-LP + Poster €18.00

Shroud Of The Heretic – Unorhodox Equilibrium Gatefold LP + Poster €13.00

Vivus Humare - Einkehr, LP €16.50

Woods Of Infinity - Hamptjärn Gatefold LP €13.00
Woods Of Infinity - Forlat €11.00


Drowning The Light - Lost Kingdoms Of A Dark Age €9.50
Drowning The Light - Diabolical Winter Spells €9.50

Evilfeast - Wolves of Hyperborean Frost €10.00

Grimoire - L'aorasie Des Spectres Rêveurs €12.50


Temple of Gnosis - De Secretis Naturae Alchymica (available from February 26th) €11.00

[Cd] Temple Of Gnosis is a symphonic occult death/doom project, inspired by the Western esoteric traditions, one of the most admirable musical manifestation of the alchemical process of Enlightenment, representing the dissolution and deconstruction of spiritual elements to form a new form of being.
A musical catharsis, underlying the process of emptying and cleansing, the destruction of the original structure in order to build a new one from the ashes. Spread by the sombre spoken vocals, coming from the catacomb of the inner self, Temple of Gnosis states that there’s no enlightenment without traveling through the darkness.
Light, as a state of mind, and darkness go together and act as a single dimension, of which they are the opposite poles.
Music consists of a combination of dark ambient, doom-styled & sludgy guitars and death metal vocals, all supported by heavy symphonic and dark keyboards on an unique shape. The goal is to create a dark atmosphere that represents the process shadow-work and discharge of dark emotions, and to represent many other aspects and symbols of the occult tradition transcended through the music.

Titaan - Kadingir [Digipak] €12.00

Too often raw Black Metal has been associated to ambitious conceptual horizons. Too often the first impression has been disappointed by a lack of integrity.The Titaan project proposes a merging guise of a concept dealing with the ancient Mesopotamic culture and a musical experience transcending the occult black metal feelings with ambient and noisy shadings.
The same concept of black metal patterns are melted into an evolving flux drowned into the abyss of an ancient abysmal culture.
Conceptually speaking as explained by the mysterious Titaan mastermind: “From the deeper and most ancient past of the Mesopotamic Culture, those who live heavens and subsoils, Gods and Demons, fight one against the other to reach the Eternity, sustaining the entire balance of the Universe; spreading their ancestral message to the mankind through Lalartu, the Greatest Herald, the one who is the Spectre Essence, the Mask Carrier of Fecundity, the Traveller of the Heavens Gate Kadingir, Itinerant Spirit of the Twelfth Planet.
Amongst the outermost loneliness, the emptiness and spiritual dismay, the ancient and secret forbidden language with the unpronounceable name, will guide you throughout an introspective and emotional journey across Occult and Ancient Connections, Esoterically and Rituals Boundings, Cosmogony and Cosmology, Universe and Earth, where the Highest and Heavenly Angers, the Strongest Energies which reign the semisphere of the Underworld, will arise through the darkest and deepest sensations of the Self and the Soul, of the Everything and the Nothing.”

Ur Draugr - With Hunger Undying €12.00

[Cd + Ltd T-shirt] Ur Draugr - With Hunger Undying (Items will be in stock on November 23rd) €25.00

(cd in stock on November 23rd) Can we expect something new in 2015? “With Hunger Undying” is the answer, a fresh manifestation of progressive & extreme metal on a genuinely personal shape.
Same as the sensation that a band like for example Kvelertak made of Black Metal we face there a new form and creature with an unique formula. Moving from the Black & Death metal fields, some of you may hear some influences and touches of the most extreme form of Opeth or shadings of Enslaved, but the final results stays as something challenging and fresh.
The concept and the impressive artwork designed by the oil painter artist genius Jess Christensen perfectly integrates the musical creation. The concept handles the ascent to civilization through agriculture, and the subsequent cessation of nomadism, the sinister concentration of religious and political power that has inevitably followed. Even the logo , designed by Christophe Szpajdel (the famous designer of Emperor, Wolves In The Throne Room, Enthroned) is the seal to a remarkable album, to stay beyond the trends.

Véhémence – Assiégé [gatefold slipcase Cd] €11.00
[gatefold slipcase Cd] French Medieval Nostalgic Black metal as only Hirilorn milestone ” Legends of Evil and Eternal Death ” was able to deliver.
Véhémence – Assiégé will manifest on an ancient uncorrupted vision.
This album is darkly epic in every aspect, a perfect soundtrack for taking back from our memory images of struggle, battle and desolate battlefields together with a gasping of partly submerged melancholy.

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